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16- point dental health review

Would you like to know that your teeth and fillings were healthy? Would you know if you had gum disease? Did you realise that using floss daily can help you to keep your heart healthy? Do you know how to detect the signs of oral cancer? No need to worry – a visit to the team at Gentle Dental in Salisbury will ensure you receive a thorough examination.

You’ll benefit from our 16-point dental health review, a complete health check of your mouth that keeps you safe, healthy and feeling great. You’ll approve of our appointments because they are specifically scheduled to allow ample time for perfecting your dental hygiene, for discussing ways to improve your smile and for agreeing tactics for achieving and maintaining dental wellbeing.

We maintain a forward-thinking approach to preventive dental care by investing in the training and development of our team and valuing their input. You’ll enjoy the experience of visiting us and we’ll derive pleasure from seeing you and keeping you healthy.

We will

  • carry out an oral cancer screen on your tongue, lips, cheeks, gums, skin, glands and jaw.
  • assess the alignment of your jaw and the jaw joint
  • examine your gum health and assess degree of disease
  • check your teeth for signs of decay
  • investigate  signs of wear on your teeth and their likely cause
  • ensure that any fillings etc already present are healthy and functional
  • perform risk assessments for decay, gum disease and proper function of your mouth

As a result of our comprehensive, preventive approach our clients always feel positive, relaxed and reassured about their health.

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Confidence grows from solid foundations in the form of healthy teeth, gums and fresh breath. Creating a healthy environment in your mouth results in improved general wellbeing.  Research now shows links between gum disease and medical conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions as well as a risk of low birth weight babies.

Achieving dental wellbeing requires the combined efforts of our dentist, hygienist and you.  Our hygienist, following thorough assessment, will tailor an oral healthy plan that will reflect your lifestyle and goals. It isn’t just a matter of effective cleaning and regular visits; it is also about support and nutritional advice, especially if you are attempting to stop smoking.

fresh breath

Confidence also comes from knowing you have fresh breath. Nothing is worse than not getting too close to people because you worry about your breath.  Niamh’s advice will ensure you have the confidence to get up close and personal because her highly skilled treatments will remove the bacteria that cause this problem.  These treatments will also leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean and she can also advise on homecare to maintain that feeling between visits.

Using the right products helps enormously too so it is our policy to recommend products and where possible to have them available to purchase from the practice at competitive prices.

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