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Porcelain crowns (or caps as they are more commonly referred to) can provide an excellent, natural-looking, long lasting means of repairing decayed or otherwise damaged teeth, making them healthier, stronger and more beautiful. The crowns we use at Gentle Dental are made of durable, tooth-coloured porcelain. If you're looking for a strong, healthy, aesthetically pleasing way to restore your teeth, porcelain crowns can be an ideal choice.

The first step is to take impressions (moulds) of your teeth to make a “diagnostic wax-up” – this allows us to make a model of your teeth and to produce a “trial smile”, essential for the proper planning of your smile.  The wax up allows you to see what your smile will look like with regard to the shape and position of the teeth after the crowns are placed. 
For simple cases involving only a few teeth and towards the back of the mouth we can miss out this step.

Once you have approved the wax model we schedule a preparation appointment.  Dr Jukes carefully shapes your teeth; he takes more impressions and fits beautiful temporary crowns  (If we have done a wax up these temporaries will exactly duplicate the “trial smile”).  If appropriate, fine adjustments are made to the temporaries 3-7 days after they have been fitted. This gives time for you to ensure they meet your desires with regard to shape, position and colour.  On the final visit, three weeks later, your crowns will be fitted and you walk out with the smile of your dreams.

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A crown is used in structurally compromised teeth.  This can be as a result of breakage, decay where the tooth is badly broken down, or in heavily filled teeth to help to strengthen them.  Crowns are made form porcelain and sometimes porcelain bonded to metal.  However Dr Jukes mainly used pure porcelain which ensured you do not get any unsightly dark lines at the gum margin.

To find out more please contact Dr Rob Jukes at Gentle Dental in Salisbury.

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