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Ms L - Veneers
“It was either the teeth or a boob job and I think I made the right choice! Everyone thinks I’m so lucky to have such a great smile and they’re all amazed when I tell them its veneers.  No one believed me because they look so natural.  Rob has done a fantastic job.  I run my own business, employing several members of staff.  I feel so much more like a boss and someone in charge now that I can smile with confidence.”


Ms L - Whitening
“I was despondent when the old crowns at the front of my mouth broke in an accident.  I’d never been terribly happy with the look of the crowns so I saw it as an opportunity to improve my smile as a whole.  I didn’t have a lot of money and Gentle Dental were great at working out how best to give me what I wanted in a way I could afford.  With a relatively small amount of work and within my monthly budget my smile was soon transformed.  I’m so happy with my smile and much more confident when I meet new people.”


Mrs H - Crowns and veneers
“I had reached the stage in life when I didn’t want to be having too much work on my teeth in the future.  To be honest I didn’t want to have the stress of unexpected expense when I retired. I had lots of large fillings and old crowns done by other dentist over the years and bits kept falling off. I voiced my concerns to Dr Jukes and he explained that replacing all of the old fillings now and strengthening and protecting the teeth would give me many trouble free years with minimal maintenance.

He talked me thought every stage and explained exactly what was going on.  I am so happy now as I have a strong set of teeth that I feel will last me for ages.  I no longer have to worry about how I will manage to get my teeth sorted if anything goes wrong when I retire. And I got a great looking smile into the bargain.”
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Ms T - Bridge
“I’m scrupulous about cleaning my teeth but was really concerned as I still seemed to get bad breath all of the time. I had a bridge for a front tooth that I thought was OK but Dr Jukes was concerned about the shape of the false tooth where it sat next to the gum.  I didn’t really pay too much attention to what he said but when Niamh, the hygienist, pointed out that there was plaque underneath it I knew that was what was causing my bad breath. The shape of the false tooth made it impossible for me to remove the plaque.

“Niamh spent time drawing a diagram to explain how the shape was causing a problem and I decided to have it replaced.  Now it’s a dream to clean and I can confidently speak with people without worrying about my breath smelling. 

The false tooth on the previous bridge was much longer than my natural teeth so that there wasn’t a gap at the top. Dr Jukes asked the laboratory to put pink plastic around the top of the false tooth.  It’s now the same length as my real teeth and the plastic looks just like gum.  My smile looks more balanced and I was thoroughly impressed by Dr Jukes professionalism and his attention to details”.
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