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We provide private dental care for children and incorporate the most up to date thinking and techniques.  Dr Rob Jukes and Niamh Egan, our hygienist, work with our young clients from Salisbury, Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester, to set them up for life with good advice about preventing disease and proper techniques for oral hygiene.

As a dentist, Dr Jukes has established a reputation for his wonderfully gentle nature and our junior clients love him! Children under five years old are examined free.

Dr. Jukes and Niamh our hygienist work together to provide a program of preventive care for your children. Our aim is to share with you and your family all the latest knowledge about maintaining lifelong dental health. We utilise leading-edge technology to provide gentle diagnosis and treatment, when necessary – and we have an excellent success rate, even with the most reluctant of child.
We will also assess the childs orthodontic requirements, crowding of the teeth and correct jaw alignment. 

Over the years Dr Jukes regularly found himself taking out healthy teeth for teenagers embarking on orthodontic treatment (braces).  In many cases both he and the client would have worked together through childhood to keep these teeth healthy.  He felt there had to be a better way – and there is! Dr Jukes now assesses children form age 6 as early intervention reduces the need for taking out healthy teeth in the future.

Our regime of care starts with prevention.  We are pleased to be one of the first practices in the country to be recommending Carifree with its proven track record of preventing decay.
This is followed by early diagnosis and one of the tools we use is the Diagnodent.  We also use a very small Intra-oral camera to look around your mouth.  Early diagnosis means early treatment and this means any work that needs to be done can be kept really small.

For the early removal of tooth decay we will usually use air abrasion and then to sterilise the very small cavity we may use ozone from the Healozone. Almost invisible fissure sealants can then be placed which will protect the tooth from future decay.

Should more extensive work be needed it may be necessary to “numb” the tooth.  Providing anaesthetics these days is a lot easier than it used to be.  Before using a local anaesthetic anywhere in your mouth we will use a surface numbing agent to ease any slight discomfort.  The Wand is an alternative to the conventional delivery of anaesthetic agents.

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