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Lady Gaga Biography

Lady Gaga is an American recording artist who has gained worldwide popularity. She was born in New York in 1986. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta but she is far better known by the stage name Lady Gaga.

It is alleged that Stefani actually got the stage name Lady Gaga through a predictive text error in a mobile phone text message. Her friend typed Radio Gaga into a text message but this came up as Lady Gaga and the moniker was born. Some dispute that this is how the name came about, though.

Lady Gaga used to perform in New York`s Lower East Side and for a time was in a band called the Stefani Germanotta Band and also performed burlesque-type shows. Eventually, after a critically acclaimed performance at the Lollapalooza festival with Lady Starlight in 2007, Gaga was signed to Interscope Records. Before hitting the big time, Lady Gaga worked as a songwriter for fellow artists on the same label such as, Pussycat Dolls, New Kids on the Block and Fergie. While she was there, her talent was noticed by Akon and he signed her to his label Kon Live Distribution in a joint deal with Interscope.

Gaga had actually had an earlier deal with Def Jam records when she was 19 but she was quickly dropped.

Lady Gaga`s first album was called The Fame. Released in 2008, it reached number one in five countries as well as getting into the top ten in many others globally. Hit singles from The Fame include Just Dance and Poker Face - both were massive hits. She also embarked on the Fame Ball tour.

In late 2009, Lady Gaga embarked on The Monster Ball tour and also released an extended version of The Fame with eight new tracks. It was called The Fame Monster. Tracks such as hit Bad Romance were added.

As well as her music, Lady Gaga is also famed for her flamboyant costumes that she wears both on stage and off. She has hit the headlines wearing a dress made of miniature Kermit Frogs, as well as an outfit made entirely of meat.

Lady Gaga has won a number of musical awards. These include the 2009 Billboard Award for the Rising Star; 2010 Brit awards for Best International Female Solo Artist, Best International Breakthrough Act; and Best International Album. In 2010, she won a Grammy Dance Music Award for the Best Pop Dance Track with Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga has told the press her second album will be released in 2011. Lady Gaga memorabilia is very popular. The most collectible items include T-shirts, books and
platinum discs.  



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