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Gem Rose has been performing ever since she can remember. She studied Drama and Theatre Studies at college where she honed her art and has since performed tributes to Frida from Abba, Ginger Spice, Cheryl Cole, Christina Aguilera and even Tina Turner proving each time she is more than capable of inhabiting any role. After leaving college, Gem continued her dance training (achieving over 20 qualifications in ISTD and UKA) and also began working as a choreographer for several different groups of performers, teaching her own street dance class and performing as a supporting dancer for 90s dance act Strike, Jamelia, 911 and Timmy Mallett of 80s kids TV/I'm A Celebrity fame to name a few.

Deciding to add another string to her bow Gem began singing lessons a few years ago where her incredible vocal talent was discovered and has since gone on to sing in venues across the UK and Europe earning her rave reviews for her vocal performances, showcasing her deep rich tone as a Jazz singer, hitting the high notes as Christina Aguilera, rocking it out as Scaramouche in a production of We Will Rock You and doing the musical theatre thing as Sophie in a production in Summer 2009 of Mamma Mia. To sum it up Gem is a triple threat - she can sing, dance and act and has now turned her attention to embodying the phenomenon that is GaGa. For Gem this is the ultimate role as Lady GaGa is performance art at its best - superb vocals, full on choreography, stunning costumes, all delivered with that slightly mad on-stage magic. It takes a truly talented professional to take on the challenge of a Lady GaGa Tribute and carry it off as well as Gem Rose as Lady G.


1 X 1 hour set of Lady GaGa

2 x 35-40 minute sets of Lady GaGa

1 x 45 minute set of Lady GaGa + 1 x 45 minute set of Pink

1 x 45 minute set of Lady GaGa + 1 x 45 minute set of Jessie J

1 x 45 minute set of Lady GaGa + 1 x 45 minute set of Christina

1 x 45 minute set of lady GaGa + 1 x 45 minute set of Pop / Dance tracks



Solo or with 2-4 pro dancers

Add live Guitarist for only £60 extra

3 piece Live Band - Keyboard player and Guitarist

5 piece band - Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums



Please see the link above or click here for set lists

The 45 minute Lady G Gaga Tribute show can be combined with either a Pop Set, a Pink Tribute or a Christina Aguilera Tribute:

christina tribute act




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