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Services - Other Media


Liquid offers a number of complementary services to the websites for small and medium sized business around the Salisbury area and around the UK.


Services include Photography, Photo Retouching & Videography

  Photography  Click on the pictures below to view them full size in situ on their respective websites      
  photography salisbury   photography salisbury studio   on location photography   photography food  
  Live Photography   Studio Photography   On Location Photography   Food Photography  
  Photo Retouching          
  photo retouching photoshopping salisbury   photo retouching after   photo retouching salisbury - before   photo retouching after  
  Before - 70s Duo   After - 70s Duo   Before - Blondie Tribute   After - Blondie Tribute  
  Photo background was removed and replaced with solid black, the tattoo on LH model's arm was removed, both models slimmed down, pant line on LH model removed and eyes widened on LH model - View full size pdf of 70's Duo   Photo was altered to increase contrast and brightness, creases in dress smoothed, cheekbones raised to give more likeness to Blondie and arms slimmed slighly - View full size pdf of Blondie by Lallie  
  Videography  Click on the pictures below to view videos in situ on their respective websites      
  videography salisbury   video 80s   video testimonials      
  Product Demonstration   80's Band LIve Video   Video Testimonials